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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Mayan End Age: Mayan predictions of what will happen on 12-21-2012...

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    B)In my post yesterday I wrote of predictions made by the ancient Mayans, and suggested that they predicted an 'end times' rather than some catastrophic disaster as allegedly suggested by Nostradamus and some biblical interpretations of impending disaster. So lets spend some time with the ancients and learn exactly what they foretold. But why 12-21-2012? That is when the Mayan calender ended in their year of 5126. An interesting comment that I picked up is this period could see the handing over of power to the feminine - "The reawakening of the divine feminine". What does this mean, I wonder? They also infer that this will be the last chance for humankind to follow the divine cosmic plan. So electing Hillary Clinton as president of the United States of America will not be the answer!
    End Age 12-21-2012
    Mayan Calender "An Apocalypse (Greek: “lifting of the veil” or “revelation”) is a disclosure of end of times rather than some something hidden from the majority of mankind in an era dominated by falsehood and misconception, i.e. the veil to be lifted." — Wikipedia
    "Both the Hopis and Mayans recognize that we are approaching the end of a World Age... In both cases, however, the Hopi and Mayan elders do not prophesy that everything will come to an end. Rather, this is a time of transition from one World Age into another. The message they give concerns our making a choice of how we enter the future ahead. Our moving through with either resistance or acceptance will determine whether the transition will happen with cataclysmic changes or gradual peace and tranquility. The same theme can be found reflected in the prophecies of many other Native American visionaries from Black Elk to Sun Bear."
    — Joseph Robert Jochmans
    http://www.mayanpredictions.net/ View and read:
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