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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New year readers - 100 posts already - see you in 2010...

This is my newest blog, and has reached 100 posts already!

Happy New Year readers, hope 2010 will turn out much better than 2009 which was a bitch to us at times.

Have something liquid on me friends.

See you next year bloggers!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

From the river to Germany and back again - my nostalgic trip...

Some stories get lost in your archives and need relocating to reintroduce them again elsewhere. Please enjoy this little gem:

From the river to Germany and back again - my nostalgia trip...

It must have been in 1956 - I was about twelve years old then. I was out with my foster family picnicking at one of the Canterbury rivers in New Zealand's South Island. It was mid-summer and it was so hot you could see the heat shimmering and dancing off the river bed stones into the river itself. The water in the rivers in 1950's New Zealand was pristine, quick flowing, cold and wonderful to drink. You just had to make sure that there had not been any wandering sheep drinking at the waters edge.

After roaming around on my own for some time, creating adventures in which I starred, perhaps as the great white hunter tracking some lion through the river bed, I started throwing stones over the river and into the distance. These became bombs - dropping on German cities (only a decade or so before) from a high flying Lancaster bomber. I was the bomb- aimer one minute, and the pilot the next. The bombing of Germany went on for a long time - but I eventually heard shouting from the other side of the river. The bombing stopped suddenly!

On the other bank of the river a rather powerfully built and tall man in his late thirties was screaming at me; and his hand was dripping with blood. "You stupid little bast...d. You could have killed me!" he screamed again.

I suddenly arrived back in 1956, away from my bombing of Germany fantasy, and realised what I had really done. I had been throwing some pretty big stones into the air and they had actually been landing near and at the feet of some fisherman on a hidden ledge. But one had hit this particular fisherman on the hand, and he was after blood - not that of some trout or salmon - but a twelve year old SOB named Peter. Yeah and the fisherman was on the other side of the river too!

A new year is arising...

A new year is arising and lets hope it will be better than 2009.

Great Xmas at our place, weather was fantastic and everybody was home.

been quiet the last few days though as the youngsters do their own thing - the oldies have really had peace and quiet.

What a damn flop those copenhagen climate change talks were - not even the rhetoric of Obama could save them!

Word is that China was doing a lot of backstabbing behind the scenes. Well they are a bunch of hypocrites anyway! Hey, somebody has to show some real leadership there. Climate change is real and something positive and constructive must be done in 2010.

Have a happy New year out there in the blogesphere.


Friday, December 25, 2009

Copenhagen climate change talks fiasco...

The Copenhagen climate change talks were a disappointing failure. There was so much rhetoric on the subject, but it failed all expectations. There appeared to be some hope by developing nations they could grab some nosh from the developed world. Bad luck to them! There is no doubt something positive has to be done though, and done quickly.

Lets hope the next round of talks bears some fruit. I invite you to visit THE GREEN PLANET for an opinion on the subject:

Copenhagen climate change talks fiasco

Sunday, December 20, 2009

How old really is a teenager...

This 2008 post was written to provoke comment - how old's a teenager...

I'll ask you this question fellow bloggers. How old really is a teenager?

New research that has emerged questions the way society puts the various age groups into little pigeon holes: babies, toddlers, infants, children, teenagers, young adults, middle aged, seniors, geriatric etc.

There is now much thought being put into the classification of "teenager". So how old really is a teenager? Thirteen to nineteen?

The research I mentioned above is in relation to the maturation of the prefrontal cortex lobe: the part of the brain that determines our reaction to complex situations, cognitive behaviour etc. Scientists now believe young adult brains may not be fully matured up to 22 years of age, or in some cases 25 years of age.

This is a real concern considering what pressures society puts on young adults and expects them to succeed. We let them drive motor vehicles and drink alcohol in their mid-teens, get married and send them off to war as soon as they are 18 years of age. Even the voting age has been reduced in many western countries. When they stuff up we are ready to jump on them , condemn them, threaten them with violence and prison, but fail to realise they may not actually be mentally mature enough to succeed at the tasks we give them as a society in the first place; mentally they are still young teenagers, even if physically they are fully mature adults!

Think back to an earlier generation who didn't let their older children(teenagers were unknown then) drive motor vehicles, drink alcohol or go off to war until a later age? The pre-world war two generation didn't need research scientists to tell them that young adults didn't fully mature mentally until their early twenties, did they?

What do you think of that fellow bloggers?

Mental maturity

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year...

Hutts Blogesphere wishes readers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Happy blogging in 2010.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Birth, taxes and death...

Birth, taxes and death...

First published at Quondio:

When you come onto this earth, the two things that are guaranteed are taxes and death.
You will spend your adult life working, earning and paying taxes.The amount you work is dependant on what you need to earn to create income, and pay your taxes.

Only when death's dark veil descends over your earthly body will the threat of taxes be removed.

So friend learn to enjoy life and pay your taxes on time.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Controversial church billboard creates world attention...

A controversial church billboard has created worldwide attention.

The poster depicts Joseph in bed with Mary,"Poor Joseph. God was a hard act to follow." Indeed.

Threats and vandalism failed to discourage the efforts of Auckland's, St Matthew Church- in-the City poster campaign which shows a dejected Joseph and a sad looking Mary. It had paint thrown over it within six hours, was stolen, and a replacement copy was cut to ribbons. They do not intend to replace that copy.

The church said the aim of the billboard was to lampoon the literal Christian conception story and to think about what a miracle is.

As I wrote above the billboard created interest in Sweden, the Netherlands, Britain, Costa Rica and India.

The Anglican Church was inundated with emails and calls. Most were supportive but some were abusive, threatening violence against the church and people.

It allegedly revealed an unhealthy fringe group which shouldn't control conversation, a church spokesman claimed.

What is your opinion of the controversy?

Controversial church billboard

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Look young and live longer, perhaps...

Look young and live longer, perhaps...

A report from Britain commented on a Danish study that suggests looking younger may enable you to live longer, perhaps.

Research that was recently published online in a British medical journal, BMJ, suggested looking younger than your years may enable you to to live longer:

Danish researchers took photos of 1800 pairs of twins aged over 70 years and people who did not know the twins real ages guessed how old they were.

The researchers found the difference in perceived age within any pair of twins, the more likely it was that the older looking twin died first.

So are you looking younger or older than your age?

Monday, December 14, 2009

Copenhagen climate change talks probably a year early...

Copenhagen climate change talks probably a year early...
It appears that no agreement may be possible at the Copenhagen climate change talks.

An agreement could be delayed for up to six years. So much for all the hype of recent weeks. World leaders appear not to agree and a compromise deal may be possible instead.

I'd like to ask a question: Which are the developing nations, New Zealand, India or China?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Potting mix a legionaires disease risk...

Potting mix a legionaires disease risk...

A new health warning concerning the risk of potting mix and legionaires disease:

'Potting mix risk for gardeners on both sides of the Tasman this summer:

Christchurch Medical Officer of Health warning gardeners to take care as four fall ill from Legionnaires Disease linked to potting mix

Health authorities in Christchurch say the latest outbreak of Legionnaires Disease differs from the outbreak in 2005.

Two different strains of Legionnaires Disease have caused the death of a Christchurch man and four others have fallen ill.

Medical Officer of Health Ramon Pink says since September four people have fallen ill after inhaling the bacteria from potting mix. He says the man who died from Legionnaires Disease contracted it from a cooling tower while overseas.

Dr Pink says the last time the city had a problem with the disease in 2005, it was linked to contracting legionnella from cooling towers. Three people died and 18 were sick.

However, he is warning gardeners to be careful as they open bags of potting mix and to use gloves.'

A risk for green fingered folk on both sides of the Tasman!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Embezzler executed in China. for embezzling millions of dollars from his employers..

Embezzler executed in China for embezzling millions of dollars from his employers...

Yang Yanming, a general manager at the Great Wall Trust and Investment Corporation embezzled 65 million yuan (NZ$13.3 million) from his employers and will pay the ultimate price for his crime. The executive officer is the first person from the country's financial sector to be executed, state media reported recently.

The late Yang Yanming was employed by the Corporation from 1997 to 2003, and refused to say where the money went; the suggestion is that he was part of a conspiracy and was executed as an example to other embezzlers in China.

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Guess who's coming to dinner...

Guess who's coming to dinner...

Guess who's coming to dinner? Descendants of cannibals on Erromango, Vanuatu, have apologised for their ancestors habit of eating missionaries.

A ceremony was held for Charles Milner-Williams whose great-great-grandfather, the Rev John Williams, was killed and eaten on the island 170 years ago.

Vanuatu president Iolo Abbit said the ceremony was a big event for the country, where Christianity was now strong.

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Just where did Mick go - Aussie tourist went missing...

Just where did Mick go - Aussie tourist went missing...

Just where did Mick go, I wonder? Aussie tourist was missing for two days and caused a police search. They sought him here , they sought him there, that damned elusive Aussie!

Michael Craig, 45 yrs, from Tasmania, was eventually found safe and sound in a Christchurch, NZ, bar, totally unaware he had created a fuss and ado with police checking areas in the Lyttleton port town.

Mick as he is known,was last seen on CCTV stumbling out of a Christchurch suburban hotel about 4am Sunday. By the afternoon police had some concerns for his safety - they issued his photograph to media, checked to see if his bank account had been used and were trying to contact his family in Tasmania.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Rainbow Family to meet in NZ...

Rainbow Family to meet in New Zealand...

About 2,000 members of the worldwide transient "Rainbow Family" began arriving at Bruce Bay on the West Coast of NZ yesterday for a six week camp.

The first gathering described on its website as an'organic outgrowth' of the hippy movement - was held in the US in the 1970's.

Quite frankly I have never heard of them, have you?

The name 'rainbow' has been used in recent times to describe certain gay orientated groups in New Zealand. But a Rainbow Family?