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Friday, December 18, 2009

Controversial church billboard creates world attention...

A controversial church billboard has created worldwide attention.

The poster depicts Joseph in bed with Mary,"Poor Joseph. God was a hard act to follow." Indeed.

Threats and vandalism failed to discourage the efforts of Auckland's, St Matthew Church- in-the City poster campaign which shows a dejected Joseph and a sad looking Mary. It had paint thrown over it within six hours, was stolen, and a replacement copy was cut to ribbons. They do not intend to replace that copy.

The church said the aim of the billboard was to lampoon the literal Christian conception story and to think about what a miracle is.

As I wrote above the billboard created interest in Sweden, the Netherlands, Britain, Costa Rica and India.

The Anglican Church was inundated with emails and calls. Most were supportive but some were abusive, threatening violence against the church and people.

It allegedly revealed an unhealthy fringe group which shouldn't control conversation, a church spokesman claimed.

What is your opinion of the controversy?

Controversial church billboard

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