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Monday, July 26, 2010

The Kiwi Riverman Post has not published lately due to technical problems...

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The Kiwi Riverman Post has not published lately due to technical problems. My faulty computer probably hasn't helped in that regard. Hopefully this will all be rectified this week.  As they say - normal transmission should resume soon

Hutts Blogesphere to the rescue? Yes Indeed! But there have been a number of New Zealand related posts published at http://anzacbloggersunite.blog.co.nz/ during the last couple of weeks. Why don't you go over there and  have a read?

http://communitybloggersevolve.blog.co.uk  This blog group has also received a boost this week. Another site to visit.

You can join either/ both groups by opening a blog at Blog.co.uk   Would love to read them.
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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Are couch potatoes doomed to an early grave...

Are couch potatoes doomed to an early grave? A recent study says that sitting in front of the TV for hours on end could shorten your life.

According to Reuters, researchers from the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute Victoria, Australia, tracked 8800 adults and found that each hour spent in front of the TV daily was associated with an 11 percent increased risk of death from all causes.

Additionally, there was an 8 percent risk of death from cardiovascular disease, and a nine percent higher risk of cancer death.

"Compared with people who watched less than two hours of television daily, those who watched more than four hours a day had a 46 percent higher risk of death from all causes and an 80 percent increased risk for CVD-related death," said the researchers in a statement.

And it's not just overweight people who are at risk: researcher David Dunstan said "sitting for long periods of time" watching TV has an unhealthy influence regardless of how big your waistline is.

Dunstan suggested that while the study focused on television, other sedentary behaviours such as sitting in front of a desk or a computer may also prove risky to your health.

"The human body was designed to move, not sit for extended periods of time," he said.

So, if you like to sit in front of the TV watching sport with a few beers, limit the time doing it and make sure you go out and actually play some sport too.

Acknowledgements: MSN NZ Mens Lifestyles

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Monday, July 19, 2010

John Key wants to jump into bed with the Chinese and introduce alien policies here...

UNDP Administrator Helen Clark shaking hands w...Image via Wikipedia
Is the John Key led National government a fascist administration? Why are they attacking mostly young Kiwi workers with their 90 day trials for new workers and now demanding a doctor's note for the first day off work sick. I understand this is the way things have been done in the US; but the US is hardly a leader in social  and workplace policies, are they? Yet New Zealand's rightwing pollies rush there to learn how to kick workers in the guts.

NZ once led the world in social policies and was a world leader in labor relations too. Now it is like a little snot-nosed kid in the world of adults. John key and his rusty lock excuse for an administration will probably be introducing Chinese policies into New Zealand. This dimwit politician want's Kiwis to learn Mandarin. Why would we? There may well be some benefit for those dealing direct with China, but for the majority there is no need - the Chinese can learn English properly if they want to deal with us.

John Key wants to jump into bed with the Chinese and introduce alien policies. Is he looking for a job after poiltics? Helen Clark got a job at the United Nations - is ranked number three there! John Key is not fit to clean Ms Clark's shoes!
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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Who knew? Who knew? Who knew...

Just when you thought you knew the news -  who knew?

Who knew?  Who knew?  Who knew?

Watch some videos and you will learn more than you knew!


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Is David Bain innocent - watch this space...

Memorial to the family of David Bain, Mosgiel,...Image via Wikipedia
David Bain was recently found not-guilty of murdering his family...

David Bain was recently found not-guilty of murdering his family in the early 1990's, at a retrial after serving over 12 years of his sentence. This was one of New Zealand's most infamous murders.

The basis of his defence was his late father had done it and then committed suicide.

However a television program tomorrow NZ time will refute this defence!

Is David Bain innocent?   Watch this space in future days!

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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Pitbull cross dog castrates six month baby boy in preventable dog attack...

Image representing MSN as depicted in CrunchBaseImage via CrunchBase

Pitbull cross dog castrates six month baby boy in preventable dog attack...

What a sad and disgusting dog attack on a baby boy. The sad thing was the boy's mother could have prevented this attack by protecting her son from the dog. She is guilty of
blatant neglect of a six month old baby. She deserves to lose custody of her son and her other children.

A 22-year-old mother has been charged with child endangerment after a friend's pitbull cross bit off her six-month-old son's testicles.

Californian woman Carrie Rae McKinney left her child alone in a stroller at her friend's house on April 3, TV station KTLA reported.

When she returned several minutes later she found the dog had ripped off her baby's nappy and severed the child's testicles.

Prosecutors have now charged McKinney saying the attack had been forseeable since the dog had shown a previous interest in the nappy.

The dog and another dog suspected of being involved in the attack were put down.

McKinney has lost custody of the baby as well as her two other children.

Acknowledgements: MSN News

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Friday, July 2, 2010

Angels are always there...

Depiction of a soul being carried to heaven by...Image via Wikipedia
Angels are Always There...

(The public domain)

Surrounding you are angels,

They are there to guide your path,

If weakness overcomes you,

They'll give you strength if you will ask.

They are your protection

When life seems too hard to bear,

And though you feel alone at times,

The angels ... they are there.

Their faces may be hidden

And their voices you might not hear,

But they are ALWAYS with you,

Through your laughter or your tears.

They'll walk along beside you,

They'll guide your steps along the way,

They'll comfort you and hold you,

Protect you night and day.

They'll hold to your hand tightly,

They'll not ever let it go,

And they'll gently lead you forward,

Taking each step very slow.

For even as you slumber,

They watch closely over you;

They are there beside you

In each and every thing you do.

When life is overwhelming,

And your spirit has grown tired,

Know they'll be there for you,

To uplift and to inspire.

And when you're torn and lonely,

And you see no hope ahead,

Know that they will nourish you,

Your spirit will be fed.

And if there comes a time in life

That your heart has been broken,

Hear the words, "I'm here, my child,"

And know your angel has spoken.

For even in the darkest hour,

When all of hope seems gone,

They'll give you strength to live your life,

And desire to go on.

And if your faith in Heaven,

Should ever fade away,

They'll help renew your spirit,

And help you find your way.

Even though you're ever filled with doubt,

About the life you live,

Know that they are there to give you

All that they can give.

For you see, the Father sent them,

Because to Him, you mean so much,

That He sent them "just for you," my friend,

And your life, they will touch.

They will always be here,

They will "never" leave your side;

And upon their strength and guidance,

You always may rely.

Take comfort in their guidance,

Draw strength from up above,

And know that their sweet presence,

Is God's precious gift of love.

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