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Sunday, December 26, 2010

The war on terror is heating up....

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Bhut Jolokia plant in the ground at the prop...Image via Wikipedia

The war on terror is heating up.....

The war on terror is heating up...
By Peter Petterson
First published at Qondio::p
The post of the week:
The Indian military has a new weapon against terrorism - the world's hottestchilli. According to several recent news reports, the country has decided to use the bhut jolokia or "ghost chilli" to make tear gas -like hand grenades to immobolise its enemies.
The pungent pepper was confirmed by Guiness World Records in 2006 as the world's spiciest. Its grown in India's northeast for its taste, as a cure for stomach problems and as a way to to fight the heat-cooling the body through sweat and evaporated heat as blood rushes to the face. It has more than 1,000,000Scoville Heat Units, the measurements of a chilli's spiciness; thats 200 times hotter than the average tabasca sauce - a mere 2500-8000 units.
Real hot stuff in the campaign against terrorism in the sub-continent.
Hot stuff!

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Why it can be great to be a dog...

Two of the most common home animals (pets).Image via Wikipedia

Why it can be great to be a dog...

By Peter Petterson

Firtst published at Qondio

Why it can be great to be a dog...

1/ No-one expects you to take a bath every day.

2/ if it itches, you can scratch it.

3/There's no such thing as bad food

4/ A rawhide bone can entertain you for hours.

5/ If you grow hair in weird places, no one notices.

6/You can lie around for hours without being fired.

7/ You don't get into trouble for putting your head in a stranger's lap.

8/ You're always excited to see the same people.

9/ Having big feet is considered an asset.

10/Puppy love can last.

An idea from Dawn Dressler.

A dog's life is not as bad as some claim.

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Friday, December 17, 2010

O Christmas Tree Cake...

O Christmas Tree Cake

  • This Christmas tree cake, inspired by the Christmas carol, gives you the chance to decorate the Christmas tree twice -- and is as delicious as it is beautiful.
Christmas Tree Cake
Lauren Jepsen Mace
Decorating the Christmas tree is so fun, why not do it twice this year by decorating a Christmas tree cake, too? Though seemingly complex, we assure you this evergreen treat is a cinch to decorate. (And we suspect "chopping it down" will be even easier.)

To make this cake, start with a batch of Fluffy Yellow Cake and one batch of Buttercream Frosting for Decorating. Bake the cake in a 9 by 13-inch pan. (If using store-bought frosting, I recommend Duncan Hines, which has a good consistency. Do not use whipped topping, which tends to droop.)

Gather the following supplies, then get started:
-M&M's, Skittles or other small colorful candies
-1 package fruit tape, such as Fruit by the Foot (preferably strawberry)
-Colorful cake decorating decors, such as Cake Mate's Snowflakes, Hollyberry & Leaves and Christmas Tree Sequins or Betty Crocker's Stars
-Small star-shaped candle, such as Cake Mate's Star Light Party Candles
-Green food coloring (such as Wilton food coloring gel)
-Parchment or wax paper
-Pastry bag with star-shaped cake tip (#21 or #22)

After you've finished checking out this cake, be sure to see our other Christmas desserts, including a whimsical Santa Cake, Gingerbread Men made from cupcakes, and our Classic Christmas dessert recipes. Also see Gail Simmons's Christmas Dessert suggestions. Plus Christmas decorating and craft ideas from Holidash.

Read more: http://www.kitchendaily.com/2010/12/01/o-christmas-tree-cake/#ixzz18L8BBoOT
Acknowledgements:  Lauren Jepsen Mace
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Thursday, December 9, 2010

I invite you to visit my group blogs...

Blogs on JoopeAImage via Wikipedia

I invite you to visit my group blogs...

:pAn invitation dear reader; Please visit my group blogs.
Hope you come and visit, make a comment or three, and give me some advice on how to improve my blogs.
Takes awhile to build up a readership following. They say it can take up to a year to achieve this. I hope not. I hope to have thousands of readers in a week or two. LOL
See you at the blogsites!

http://huttriver.blog.co.uk   KIWIPETE'S main blogsite

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The ladies specials - womens only trains in India...

Ankleshwar railway stationImage by Umang Dutt via Flickr

The ladies specials - womens only trains in India...

:)After decades of harassment by male passengers, who have insulted, groped,pinched and lewdly stared at them, women travelers on India's over-crowded commuter trains will, in some cases, get their own trains.
In response to the rising complaints by women, the Indian government has decided in certain circumstances to remove men altogether, reports from the Calcutta newspaper,'The Telegraph' claims.
As a result in India's four major cities, New Delhi, Mumbai,Chennai and Calcutta - a limited number of "Ladies Specials" will be reserved exclusively for women. passengers are very pleased at the decision.

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Scanner-proof underpants hitting the markets...

Scanner-proof underpants hit the market

A Colorado company is addressing privacy and health concerns about full-body scanners in US airports with an innovative new product.
Rocky Flats Gear is selling 'anti-radiation underwear', reports The Sydney Morning Herald.
The underpants have a fig leaf pattern on the front, which as well as keeping private parts, well, private during a body scan, is also made of fabric that blocks "natural and man-made radiation."
Customers can choose from the 'Patriot' 3 pack of men's boxer shorts, briefs and a 'Velvet Privacy Bra' for women.
The Transport Security Administration (TSA) has insisted that the full-body scan pose no health risks.
"We want to work with industry to make sure we have the safest machines available. That is the bottom line. They are safe for everyday use," TSA chief John Pistole told MSNBC television.

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