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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Its hard to let go of the past, to forget what was there before...

Its hard to let go of the past, to forget what was there before. But we must, we must go on to the future.

It is forward to the future, to something new. One must burn your bridges and put it all behind you.

So Mike grabbed hold of his suitcases and thrust his body forward in a flourish,"The past is gone, I'm looking for something new." he commented loudly.

Hell, it was more than just a relationship, it was a genuine marriage with all the anticipation and dreams and hopes that anybody could have expected. But it had became soul - destroying, emotionally crippling, all one-sided, the expectations were hers, always hers, his feelings were always unimportant and in second place -  not the main priority ever. Not ever! And it became more apparent every day, every damn day!

Whenever he suggested something:  an idea, an activity, something that would involve them both, she was negative, unimpressed, bored and totally  disinterested. She would stay home and redo her face, her eyes, her mouth, whatever she could think of. And he stormed out, and went down to the pub for a drink or three!

And he  reappeared a few hours later - sozzled, argumentative, looking for a fight, but always hit the sack and collapsed in a heap - and snored the evening away. He would waken hours later, hungry as a horse, and make his way down to the kitchen and look for something to eat. As he went through the cupboards and the refrigerator, looking for food to cook, he would hear  her go off to bed, deliberately making a noise, but not offering to cook him something. Repetition, the same old thing, always his fault - never her fault.

But this time he had had enough. He just didn't want to carry on that way. He was lucky he was in a such a good financial situation to be able to just say - to hell with it, pack up and go. And this time he did. He packed his suitcases, rang a taxi and left the house. There wasn't a reaction from his wife of ten years, the beautiful but psychologically depressed, Rachel. "Goodbye," he called, and went through the door one last time!
A little piece of fiction.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wild flowers and wild things...

Wild flowers and wild things...

Wild thing...you make my heart sing...
You make everything
I said wild thing...

Wild thing, I think I love you
But I wanna know for sure
Come on, hold me tight
I love you

Wild thing...you make my heart sing...
You make everything
I said wild thing...

Wild thing, I think you move me
But I wanna know for sure
So come on, hold me tight
You move me.

"The Troggs"

The lyrics of the above song epitomises the time period when this song was released and became popular. I was a youth of that period when we rebelled against society as it was then in varying degrees. We no longer just accepted what we were told; we went out there and discovered for ourselves. Of course we broke many of society's taboos whether we lived in Wellington, London, New York or San Francisco.

Just like the Rap music of today, Rock and Roll was something new, loud and brash - the music of the devil some would claim. So we influenced change in a straight-laced society that would never be the same. Wild flowers and wild things...you made our heart sing.

Peter Petterson - August 2011

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A creed for success...

by Robert Louis Stevenson

" That man is a success who has lived well, laughed often and loved much;

Who has gained the respect of intelligent men and the love of children;

Who has filled his niche and accomplished his task;

Who leaves the world better than he found it, whether by an improved poppy, a perfect poem or rescued soul;

Who never lacked appreciation of earth's beauty or failed to express it;

Who looked for the best in others and gave the best he had."

British plot to spike Hitler's food with female hormones...

  • :yes::yes:British spy plot to spike Hitler's food with female hormones...
    British spies plotted to spike Adolf Hitler's food with female hormones to make the Nazi Party leader less aggressive in the hope it would bring a swifter end to World War II.
    The plan was to put doses of oestrogen into the Nazi leader's food in order to make him more tame and feminine, like his secretary and sister Paula, UK newspaper Telegraph reports.
    As Hitler had his food tested before he ate it, the oestrogen — which was tasteless and would have a subtle effect on its patient — would have passed his testers unnoticed.
    Professor Brian Ford, a Cardiff University fellow and author of Secret Weapons: Technology, Science and The Race to Win World World War II, uncovered details of the oestrogen plot and other unusual schemes through looking at reams of recently declassified files.
    "There was an Allied plan that they would smuggle oestrogen into Hitler's food and change his sex so he would become more feminine and less aggressive, Professor Ford was quoted as saying.
    "Their research had showed the importance of sex hormones — they were beginning to be used in sex therapy in London."
    Professor Ford said there was "no mileage" to putting poison in his food because his testers would have immediately fallen victim to it, whereas sex hormones would take time to have an effect.
    Other tactics included dropping glue on Nazi troops to stick them to the ground, disguising bombs in tins of fruit being imported to Germany, and dropping boxes of poisonous snakes onto enemy troops.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Instinct and the power of love...

  • Instinct and the power of love...

    :):yes:Instinct and the power of love...
    GBE2 Blog on:
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    It is just over 72 hours since my daughter Andrea was rushed into Hutt Hospital here in the Hutt Valley, just outside of Wellington, the capital of New Zealand.

    She totally lacked physical control of her body, and I won't describe her many associated problems in detail here, but her eyes saw nothing and her limbs just thrashed uncontrollably. She was taken to Accident and Emergency by ambulance late in the afternoon after a 111 call was made.

    We, her immediate family members: parents, siblings, aunts,uncle and cousins, rapidly made our way to the A&E Department. The emergency personnel quickly moved to assess her and gained as many details as possible. She had apparentyl been unwell for a number of days but her family believed it was a severe case of influenza. She should have received medical attention earlier.

    After a medical assessment it was believed she had a bad infection, immune system problems and possibly some problems with her brain. She was sent upstairs for a number of scans, including an MRI scan, and moved to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). They suspected encephalitus, or inflammation of her brain, and were carrying out numerous tests to determine just what the cause was of her infection.

    Many family members were now waiting in the family room outside the ICU. They came from the local Lower Hutt and nearby Upper Hutt cities.

    Andrea's instinct for survival was now being tested. Being only 40 years old she was young and strong enough to fight the attacks on her body and system. She had been given anti-biotics and other drugs. She was put into an induced coma to allow her to rest and for the medication to do its work. She had been put on a ventilator to enable her to breathe. Some tests made were sent to Australia by email, and would be analysed within two or three hours and sent back also by email.

    A telephone call was made to her 16 year old son in Melbourne, who is a recruit for the Melbourne Storm NRL (professional rugby league) club. The club organised a flight back to New Zealand, and he was expected home late the following day. Pride who is a talented young player with great future potential is schooled just outside Melbourne and lives close by.

    Pride arrived in NZ after 11-30 pm, and made his way to the hospital at 1am the following morning. When he saw his mother he whispered in her ear, telling his mother, "Hi Mum, its Pride here." The effect was apparently almost instantaneous; she opened her eyes and spoke to him. This was her first reaction since being brought into hospital. Her eldest daughter, Danielle, was there to witness the transformation in her mother's condition. She rang and told us that her Mum had come back to them. We were all so relieved to learn this fantastic news.

    You can believe what you like. "Was it the power of God, the power of a son's love for his mother, or a combination of both?"
    Pride(on the right)
    Andrea is now recovering. She can talk, albeit softly, has walked a little and is making demands on her family. I saw her yesterday, and witnessed for myself her transformation from that almost uncontrollable person of a couple of days before. She has an inner strength and a powerful instinct for survival, and the powerful love of her son and other children and family.

    She is in isolation still in a medical ward of the hospital. They have still to determine just what infection she has. Tomorrow is another day, another dawn in her recovery.

    But her instinct for survival and the love of her son who has been away in Australia and has returned to her, gave her that inner strength to overcome the attacks on her immune system and body.

    He will return to Australia only when he knows she is on the road to recovery. While she has badly missed him, she understands that his future at present lies in Australia and with his education and the Melbourne Storm club.

    Anzac Bloggers Unite
  • And two flashes of gold flickered in the sunlight...

  • app_full_proxyGBE2 Blog on: 'Picture Prompt':
    He sighed as he walked through the front door of his apartment. He continued through to the lounge and threw his bunch of keys onto the side table.

    It had been a stressful day down at the lawyers office signing papers. Signing his life as he knew it right down the tube. He and Laura had been apart for over two years, but he had always hoped for reconciliation. But she would have none of it; you go your way and I'll go mine, she continually stated.

    "Thank God we didn't have any kids," he thought. We had been married for six years but both of us had careers we didn't want disturbed by the patter of little feet. We were both too selfish for such responsibility, too ambitious and for that matter, too busy to really care for each other. Just why did we actually get married? "Good question," he thought again?

    He grabbed hold of his jacket to put it in the closet, and remembered the little packet in the pocket; his lawyer had passed it on to him at his office, along with all the paperwork involved in dissolving the marriage. Dissolving a life that had meant to be for better or worse. Yeah right!

    He took the little packet from his jacket pocket, and opened it. A flash of gold flickered in the sunlight from the window - a little band of gold, a twin for the one that was still on his ring finger. He took his wedding band off and layed it on the table with the one his former wife had worn for six years. Now two flashes of gold flickered in the sunlight!

    He went to the liquor cabinet, grabbed a glass and poured some amber liquid from the bottle he opened. He drank it straight down, shook a little and poured another.

    He walked carrying his drink to his favourite lounge chair he used to sit in and watch television with Laura; that is when she was home and not occupied with her real estate business, out showing potential customers their dream home. And he his journalistic deadlines.

    He grabbed a remote from the table and switched on the television. The news was on, some accident, some dead bodies, somebody else's misery.

    He gently lifted the bands of gold, looked at them and considered what they now represented, "Hope, expectation, expression of love, and a relationship gone sour."

    Laura was a strikingly beautiful woman, dark haired , slim and rather tall. She went well with her prince charming, also dark haired and standing over six feet, a former athlete and football player. Born to be together for ever, friends said at our wedding. A match made in heaven!

    And it seemed like heaven for the first couple of years, but the stress of two incompatible lifestyles eroded the relationship and marriage until it became impossible to be in the same room together for very long. And the indiscretions resulted in a seperation, legal niceties, and two years later a document that freed both parties from responsibilities to each other
    He put the two little bands of gold back on the table, and another two flashes of gold flickered in the sunlight.

    Anzac Bloggers Unite