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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Its hard to let go of the past, to forget what was there before...

Its hard to let go of the past, to forget what was there before. But we must, we must go on to the future.

It is forward to the future, to something new. One must burn your bridges and put it all behind you.

So Mike grabbed hold of his suitcases and thrust his body forward in a flourish,"The past is gone, I'm looking for something new." he commented loudly.

Hell, it was more than just a relationship, it was a genuine marriage with all the anticipation and dreams and hopes that anybody could have expected. But it had became soul - destroying, emotionally crippling, all one-sided, the expectations were hers, always hers, his feelings were always unimportant and in second place -  not the main priority ever. Not ever! And it became more apparent every day, every damn day!

Whenever he suggested something:  an idea, an activity, something that would involve them both, she was negative, unimpressed, bored and totally  disinterested. She would stay home and redo her face, her eyes, her mouth, whatever she could think of. And he stormed out, and went down to the pub for a drink or three!

And he  reappeared a few hours later - sozzled, argumentative, looking for a fight, but always hit the sack and collapsed in a heap - and snored the evening away. He would waken hours later, hungry as a horse, and make his way down to the kitchen and look for something to eat. As he went through the cupboards and the refrigerator, looking for food to cook, he would hear  her go off to bed, deliberately making a noise, but not offering to cook him something. Repetition, the same old thing, always his fault - never her fault.

But this time he had had enough. He just didn't want to carry on that way. He was lucky he was in a such a good financial situation to be able to just say - to hell with it, pack up and go. And this time he did. He packed his suitcases, rang a taxi and left the house. There wasn't a reaction from his wife of ten years, the beautiful but psychologically depressed, Rachel. "Goodbye," he called, and went through the door one last time!
A little piece of fiction.

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