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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

One of life's little ironies - an earthquake in Christchurch, NZ...

Space view of Christchurch and surrounding areas.Image via WikipediaOne of life's little ironies. New Zealand: Population about 4.25 million. A first world country for sure. A rich country? Comparatively perhaps. New Zealand has given aid of about NZ$14 million to other countries in the Pacific and beyond who have been the victims of earthquakes and tsunamis in recent years.

Now the Canterbury region and Christchurch City in the South Island have been rocked by an earthquake of 7.1 in magnitude on the Richter Scale, on a par with Haiti EQ many months ago which killed many tens of thousands and made a million or more homeless. Good timing (4.35am)  a superior building code and help from the big man above, has so far prevented deaths by injury througfh the EQ; though there is still one severely injured middle aged man in IC in Christchurch Hospital, and eight fatal heart attacks most likely caused by the quake. Christchurch has also been hit by up to a thousand aftershocks day and night ever since.

Many people are still homeless and many more will need repaired  or rebuilt homes. In some suburbs it will be impossible to do either because of the state of the ground. But the biggest problem in Christchurch right now is the damaged sewerage system which could take until 2012 to rectify. I think Christchurch should be offered some overseas help in this area. Kiwis are proud people who  regularly help others, but are reluctant to ask for help themselves. It is obvious that it is beyond their means to reconstruct their broken sewerage system quickly. They don't deserve to have to rely on chemical toilets for the next eighteen months.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Elderly Falun Gong practitioner victimised in China...

Falun Gong protest in London, in Portland Pl n...Image via WikipediaEldertly Falun Gong practitioner victimised in China - her story below:

Kind Lady Sentenced to Prison for Practicing Falun Gong in China:

By a Clearwisdom correspondent in Liaoning Province, China

(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Jia Guiqin, in her 60s, is a Falun Gong practitioner in Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province.

On April 24, 2010, several officers from Chaoyang Qianjin Police Department broke into Ms. Jia's home. They illegally arrested her and her husband, Mr. Li Hua, and took them to Wujiawa Detention Center in Chaoyang.

Recently, the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP's) Chaoyang Political and Legal Committee, Chaoyang 610 Office, Chaoyang Shuangta District Procuratorate, and Shuangta District Court jointly conspired to sentence Ms. Jia to 13 years in prison and Mr. Li to three years in prison with five years suspension. Mr. Jia appealed to Chaoyang Intermediate Court, but the intermediate court called Ms. Jia's family members to threaten them. It also prohibited Ms. Jia from seeing an attorney even if she hired one. It wouldn't schedule a trial for the appeal and had already decided to uphold the original verdict.

During the couple's detention and first trial, Chief Judge Bai Lan of the Shuangta District Court repeatedly prevented Ms. Jia's family from hiring an attorney for her. Two days before the trial, three officers from Chaoyang Police Department arrested Ms. Jia's daughter-in-law and took her to the police station. They threatened her for several hours, asking her for the names of her relatives who went with her to appeal for justice in this case, so that they could threaten all of Ms. Jia's family to keep them from appealing.

On July 14, Chief Judge Bai Lan, Judge Zhang Xiaohua, Juror Wang Cuiling, Clerk Zhang Xiaofan, Public Prosecutor Liu Fei, and others tried Ms. Jia Guiqin and her husband. The couple didn't even have an attorney to defend them. Procurator Liu Fei from the Shuangta District Procuratorate claimed that he had handled all the trials of Falun Gong practitioners in the Shuangta District since 2002.

Ms. Jia Guiqin's mother passed away when she was small. Ms. Jia had been in poor health. She had severe rheumatism, heart problems, eye disease, rhinitis, and other diseases. Her health became worse and worse. Also, her joints were disfigured and caused her great pain. She almost lost the ability to take care of herself. In less than a month after she started practicing Falun Gong, all of her diseases disappeared. She felt that she was very lucky to attain such a great Fa. Since then, as a kind person, she has lived by the principles of Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance and always thinks of others first.

Ms. Jia runs a "Grassland Xingfa" meat store. Because she never sells counterfeit or bad stuff, many customers come to her store due to her reputation. Even her competitors tell their customers, "If you want to buy good meat, go to Grassland Xingfa." It is quite often that Ms. Jia takes a few cents less from a customer or gives customer a few ounces more meat. Though she does not run a meat processing business, she often does that for customers free of charge. Once an old lady who had difficulty walking came in to Ms. Jia's store. Ms. Jia told her, "In the future, whenever you need something, just give us a call and we'll deliver it to you." Now they have been delivering to her for many years. The old lady said, "Seeing what you have done, I know all Falun Gong practitioners are good people!"

The residence building that Ms. Jia lives in does not have a property management office. Neighbors put money together to hire people to clean the septic tank. After practicing Falun Gong, Ms. Jia hired people with her own money and never complained. Her neighbors said, "That couple are really good people!"

People who participated in the persecution:

CCP's Chaoyang Political and Legal Committee secretary Qu Lianchun: 2612917 (Office), 2966577 (Home), 13304217839 (Cell)

Chaoyang 610 Office Director Han Jiuyan: 13304919950 (Cell), 13904910097 (Cell)

Deputy Director Zhang Lianfeng: 2616615 (Office), 13304910621 (Cell)

Chaoyang National Security Team Director and 610 Office Deputy Director Wang Jinglong: 15566796610 (Cell)

The telephone area code for Chaoyang is 86-421

Acknowledgements:  truthinchina.blog.co.uk

Friday, September 24, 2010

Ghana slave dungeon...

Cape Coast CastleImage via WikipediaHere's a little one from Huttriver8:

Ghana slave dungeon......

Built by European traders in the 17th century, Ghana's Cape Coast Castle was the point of departure for the countless numbers of Africans who were sent to the New World as free labor for the colonies. Join Explore founder Charles Annenberg Weingarten on a virtual tour of the slave dungeon, and witness the horrific conditions the captives were forced to endure while waiting to be sent across the Atlantic



Tuesday, September 21, 2010

And just what would you like to read about here...

Hutts Wood. Small valley of Hutts Gill from Nu...Image via WikipediaAnd just what would you like to read about here? Hutts  Blogesphere likes variety, but there will be some interesting posts coming in future weeks - gee I hope so dear reader!

Why don't you let me know just what your would like to see here? Can't promise I could deliver, but I just might make it interesting.

Hutts blogesphere is not a niche blog - its about Hutt and the blogesphere.

And the picture here is of Hutts Wood...

So please leave me a comment or three down below dear reader!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Fire, fire, in the house...

WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND - JANUARY 18:  HRH Pri...Image by Getty Images via @daylife

Fire, fire in the house...

By Peter Petterson

First published at Qondio:

Fire, fire in the house...

Your topic has resucitated something long forgotten in the memory of yours truly.

It was 1969 and I had just come home from the local maternity hospital after visiting my wife and our brand new first child and daughter, who was later given the feminine version of my name - Peter.

Unfortunately there had been a rather long stop on the journey home celebrating that arrival at the local establishment around the corner. Getting home had not been a problem.

The problem was the forgotten steak cooking on the stove when I fell asleep...and then the rough shaking to wakefulness by a stranger who turned out to be a fire-fighter called to our flat when a neighbour returning home smelt the smoke from my burning steak, and rang 111, New Zealand's emergency call number.

My wife never learned about the incident until 20 years later. I had done a good job cleaning up signs of the steak fire from the walls; and a bit of painting covered up any other signs of the incident.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

He used a dead baby's birth certificate to obtain a passport - why...

Cover of "The Day of the Jackal"Cover of The Day of the Jackal

Act MP David Garrett's explanation defies credibility - The Day of the Jackal indeed...

ACT MP reveals a thoughtless prank - do you believe it was a prank? It defies credibility!

He use a dead baby's birth certificate to obtain a passport - why you may ask?

MP David Garrett wants to explain 'thoughtless prank' carried out 26 years ago where he used a dead child's name to get a passport


ACT MP David Garrett is in deep trouble today, after admitting he once illegally obtained the birth certificate of a dead child and used it to get a passport. Will  NZ people believe that explanation?

Using the protection of parliamentary privilege, Mr Garrett has explained how he carried out the action 26 years ago and was arrested and discharged without conviction five years ago.

He's told Parliament he doesn't know why he did it and got the idea from the novel The Day of the Jackal.

"To this day I cannot explain the rationale behind my actions, except to say that I was simply curious to see whether such a thing could be done. I never used the passport for any purpose. It duly expired, never having being used and I later destroyed it."

Mr Garrett describes it as a thoughtless prank that caused great pain to the family of the child.

He says he received name suppression for the incident, which he's now working to get lifted so he can explain his actions further.

His confession comes a day after it was revealed he'd been convicted of assault in Tonga eight years ago and fined ten dollars. Would have been a lot more in New Zealand.

Nobody would do what Garrett has owned up to unless they had 'nefarious reasons' to do so. Only serious criminals or secret agents would do what Garrett has owned up to. The Day of the Jackal indeed!

'Act' is a good name for his party! They will be dog tucker at the next elections. They will not sweep back to Parliament on the coat tails of Rodney Hide next year - because Hide himself has a dog's and no show of getting back into Parliament. Along with the Maori Party, National's coalition partners will be decimated!!


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Huttriver12 has left the building - he no longer blogs at blogevolve.com...

A combination of Image:Original Barnstar.png a...Image via WikipediaBlogevolve.com was one of my regular blogsites. I blogged there for over  three years under the Huttriver12 banner. But the Admin there has been missing for over a year and there is no control on splogging, spamming or pornography.

All the other regular bloggers have also left the building. None of us wish to spend our time at such a blogsite; people would prefer to come to a blog like Hutts Blogesphere. There is no splogging, spamming or pornography. You will enjoy what you read here. I also predict some changes here in the future too.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Peter Jackson promoting the 2009 film District...Image via Wikipedia

Peter Jackson from New Zealand - the world's highest paid director for King Kong!

Peter Jackson from New Zealand - the world's highest paid director for King Kong.The Guiness world record for the biggest paid fee paid to a director. That's a lot of money for some great writing.It was also the biggest film budget too - US$207 million for King Kong.

If Peter Jackson doesn't like what studios offer him, which includes 20th Century Fox and Universal Pictures profit share offer for the yet unmade HALO - he backs off and looks elsewhere.He can afford to - THE LORD OF THE RINGS made US$2.7 billion at the box office alone -with 20 Oscars from his films he can do what he likes.There are more movies, a partnership with Microsoft for new kinds of video games, and even ideas for a television mini- series.

Don't get the idea that Peter Jackson is some sort of big- head - he isn't! He's lost a lot of weight and has replaced those horn rim glasses with contact lenses, but at heart he is still that big overweight young man who started his professional life making a low budget gory comic zombie movie BAD TASTE, on weekends around the Wellington region for three years or so.

He was self- taught and was involved in just about everything in that film - the $10,000 cost coming from his weekly wage as an engraver for the local paper.Twenty years ago this very month, the New Zealand Film Commission finally relented and agreed to financially back an unknown young film maker from Pukerua Bay just a few miles outside of Wellington City.

He said he used to save up and buy four or five rolls of film, shoot them all up in a day, store them in the fridge until his next pay cheque and get them processed.When he had to pay the lab bill he couldn't afford film until the following week.

He was living at home with his parents at the time, and when he got his first $5,000 from the film commission he resigned his job as an engraver the very next day.

Today Peter doesn't have to store film in his fridges in his homes, offices or jet. He can afford as many rolls of film he wants, whenever he wants, in a jiffy,and get the film processed in a multi- million dollar facility that he owns in Wellington. He no longer has to go cap in hand to anybody to get money for his films. Now the world's biggest studios come to him. he is Mr Peter Jackson and the world is his his oyster!

This story was originally posted on 28  October  2006. Since then he has become knighted and is now known as Sir Peter Jackson., for his services to New Zealand's motion picture industry.  His coming project is the two film The Hobbitt series, which he may well have to direct as well as produce. It is a long time since the Lord of the Rings and King Kong. .

After shocks continue in Christchurch, NZ, after the 7.1 earthquake...

Space view of Christchurch and surrounding areas.Image via Wikipedia

After shocks continue in Christchurch, NZ, after the 7.1 earthquake...

After shocks continue in Christchurch, NZ, after the 7.1 earthquake on Saturday.. Two of these were up to 5.4 which is a nasty little earthquake in its on right.

Damage continues after each batch of after shocks. Residents are getting badly stressed, especially the elderly.

Intestinal disease has claimed thirty victims so far - these people have had to be isolated in quarentine. Sewerage affected water is the cause. Drinking water has to be boiled for three minutes and people have to ensure they wash their hands before eating.

No deaths from injuries have yet been recorded - one death by heart attack may be attributed to the earthquake.

Christchurch will have to undergo a huge rebulding program in coming months and will never be the same again.

A faultline has lain dormant for 16,000 years and nobody was aware of its existence.