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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Three hours in a bog...

Its off to Germany today: A 34 year old woman slipped on a toilet floor and endured three hours in a squat toilet in the German town of Offenburg.

She lost her balance as she was leaving the toilet and got her foot stuck in the floor-level lavatory opening. The Fire Service unsealed the toilet from beneath in an attempt to push her leg up, but every attempt to dislodge her was met with a cry of pain, even after partial anaesthesia.

The officers eventually ripped out the entire lavatory unit and cut her free with a saw. The woman was then taken to hospital with minor injuries, and extremely hurt pride!


Monday, May 18, 2009

My special needs grandson has gone missing...

My special needs grandson has gone missing - wandered off yesterday lunch time and hasn't been seen since.

Whike he may be a strapping 18 year old close to six feet tall, he is emotionally many years younger. He has mental health issues and a mild intellectual handicap and really gave no warning - just drifted away and was well gone before we realised he had left the house.

He has been out for one night and one and a half days, and the weather has deterioated and set in here in New Zealand; its been raining. Its late autumn here - what you call fall in north America.

He has not eaten or had a drink since yesterday, and he will be wet and cold. But he is young, strong and physically well and this will stand him in good stead. Members of the family searched the hills and down by the river this evening, and the police took a dog through one of the main tracks in the bush up on the hills.

Many of my online friends have sent him prayers to get through this ordeal; and this will help the family get through it all. We are positive he will be found tomorrow when it gets light.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

National Party MP Melissa Lee is a silly woman...

National Party MP Melissa Lee has been described as a silly woman and I would have to agree.

Both sides of Parliament have labelled as "silly" National MP Melissa Lee's comments that a new motorway could stop criminals from south Auckland committing crime in Mount Albert.

Lee, a list MP and National's candidate in the June 13 Mt Albert by-election, made the comment at a candidates' meeting on Wednesday night.

There was heated debate at the meeting on the New Zealand Transport Agency's $1.4 billion motorway proposal, announced on Tuesday, which will use a combination of above ground and underground sections to make up the 4.5km Auckland motorway extension between Waterview and Mt Roskill.

Lee told the meeting people drove to the electorate from South Auckland, and that the new motorway extension could divert some of that traffic and criminals from Mt Albert.

Prime Minister John Key has said her statement was "regrettable" and made in the heat of an election campaign.

"It was a silly thing to say but she has apologised and obviously regrets it."

Labour leader Phil Goff also said the comments were silly and questioned whether she still had the support of her leader.

"Ms Lee's idea that south Auckland people are criminals who should be funnelled through Mt Albert and directly into west Auckland is just ridiculous," Goff says.

Labour's MPs for South Auckland joined his condemnation.

"This sort of behaviour is completely unacceptable and John Key should move quickly to admonish his candidate in Mt Albert," Mangere MP Su'a William Sio says.

Manurewa MP George Hawkins, a former police minister, says Lee's comments showed she had no idea about the people of south Auckland or crime prevention.

"The reality is the people of south Auckland are hard workers trying to build better lives for them and their families and the bigoted and outdated attitudes of people like Melissa Lee do nothing to assist them in that goal," he says.

Lee has now toned down her comments.

"I didn't say all of south Auckland was doing this. I said the criminals who travel from one city to the next," she says.

"If south Auckland people (find) my comments offensive, I apologise. It wasn't about them. It was about criminals."

Lee claimed police had told her motorways helped channel criminals from the suburbs but police were not rushing to back her.

Auckland central police spokeswoman Noreen Hegarty told NZPA police would not comment on Lee's comments publicly.

"Criminals travel just like anyone else in the country. Where they choose to get on and off (motorways) is their choice."

The controversy is Lee's second major embarrassment for National this week; she is fending off allegations taxpayer money was used to make a video made by her company, Asia Vision Ltd, for the National Party.

Labour says the company received $1.2 million from New Zealand on Air last year, including money used in October for an election special.

NZ on Air chief executive Jane Wrightson says Lee's candidacy was known to NZ on Air and the conflict of interest had been managed.

"We are looking into the allegations, but we haven't decided on whether to hold an audit," Wrightson says.

Lee has gone off screen and an independent producer had been brought in.

"She had no editorial control."

Acknowledgements: NZPA

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fiji booted out of Pacific Islands Forum...

Fiji has been booted out of the Pacific islands forum...

Fiji becoming the basket case of the Pacific...

Despite last minute attempts by Fijian military dictator, Commodore Bainimarama to meet the leaders of Australia and New Zealand and negotiate a change of mind over sanctions against Fiji, Fiji will be kicked out, officially suspended from the Pacific Islands Forum, and possibly from the Commonwealth later in the year.

Bainimarama claims elections can't be restored for another five years, but this a load of codswallop! He claims to be the hero of multiracialism in Fiji, but is just another dirty little dictator like Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe who dictated his country from being the bread-basket of Africa to becoming the basket-case of all time!

There are absolutely no civil rights in Fiji, no democracy, and the local media has been dictated to and controlled by the army, with foreign media and diplomats detained and kicked out of Fiji. Some Fijians have lost there lives, and others are missing.

Much foreign aid has already been suspended by Australia, NZ, Britain and the European Union. Fijian army peacekeepers may also be suspended from new contracts by the United Nations, and as a consequence much of Fiji's economy will be affected with the loss of the soldiers income. With unemployed troops drifting around unemployed in the capital of Suva, Bainimarama's regime could well have some substantial opposition. Fijians are pretty effective soldiers - good peacekeepers!

The Bainimarama regime's future is already in doubt - the clock is ticking!