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Monday, May 18, 2009

My special needs grandson has gone missing...

My special needs grandson has gone missing - wandered off yesterday lunch time and hasn't been seen since.

Whike he may be a strapping 18 year old close to six feet tall, he is emotionally many years younger. He has mental health issues and a mild intellectual handicap and really gave no warning - just drifted away and was well gone before we realised he had left the house.

He has been out for one night and one and a half days, and the weather has deterioated and set in here in New Zealand; its been raining. Its late autumn here - what you call fall in north America.

He has not eaten or had a drink since yesterday, and he will be wet and cold. But he is young, strong and physically well and this will stand him in good stead. Members of the family searched the hills and down by the river this evening, and the police took a dog through one of the main tracks in the bush up on the hills.

Many of my online friends have sent him prayers to get through this ordeal; and this will help the family get through it all. We are positive he will be found tomorrow when it gets light.

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Kiwi Riverman - The Writer said...

Kellie was found this morning by the husband of one of his grandmother's nieces as he drove to work this morning. He thought he recognised kellie and rang emergency 111 and told police,who came and collected him and took him home to delighted grandparents puke and peter Petterson.