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Thursday, June 16, 2011

GBE 2: Blog on: Out of control Christchurch City, NZ, to move westwards in coming years...

GBE2. Blog on:  Out of control Christchurch City in NZ to move westwards in coming years...

Out of control Christchurch City in NZ to move westwards in coming years...

The latest round of earthquakes/aftershocks in Christchurch appear to have inflicted a killer blow on the iconic 19th century Christ Church cathedral in the heart of the city. Badly damaged in the first earthquake in September last year, further damaged in an aftershock just after Christmast,and badly smashed and munted in the February earthquake earlier this year, losing its spire (for the third time in its history, 1888 and 1901)the final straw came with the loss of it famous Rose Window, and the felling of its south wall this week.

Anglican Bishop,Victoria Matthews and Cathedral Dean Peter Beck, jointly stated the cathedral could be deconstructed,demolished and rebuilt further west. There is every possibility that the city centre itself will be moved westwards.

With much of the eastern suburbs damaged beyond repair because of the unstable land there, and probably over half of the CBD needing deconstruction or reconstruction, a decision may well be made to move the city westwards. It has become pretty obvious that our city's founding fathers made a huge mistake in draining a large  swamp back post-1850 and building a town there.

Many cities and towns in Britain and Europe had to be rebuilt after World War Two and become superior to their predecessors. There is no reason why the once beautiful Christchurch City cannot rise again like the Phoenix.

I was born and raised in that beautiful city which some used to say was more English than the English themselves. Some of the old social networks were pretty overpowering decades ago, and obviously helped to create such a strong community spirit that has really come to the fore since the earthquakes during the last nine months. I won't be around to see what Christchurch will become in coming years, but I reckon it will be a great little city once again.
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Brenda Stevens said...

out of control GORGEOUS city you grew up in..and yes i believe with you, BEAUTY will be raised up again!

Many have had their roots and foundation crumble due to sudden releases of negative energy upon them but what remains is the SPIRIT true spirit which will resurrect them into NEW life. So enjoyed your post and pics!

Anonymous said...

I hope it does happen for you. Thanks for sharing.

Kiwi Riverman's Blogesphere said...

Thanks for reading. Visit again. Will visit your site; hope I can comment.

Joyce Lansky said...

Such a sad turn of events. I wonder what's with the weather this year?


Steven said...

I've no doubt it will be rebuilt better than ever.

Kiwi Riverman's Blogesphere said...

If fellow Cantabrians are as positive as you folks, the future looks pretty good.