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Monday, August 22, 2011

And two flashes of gold flickered in the sunlight...

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    He sighed as he walked through the front door of his apartment. He continued through to the lounge and threw his bunch of keys onto the side table.

    It had been a stressful day down at the lawyers office signing papers. Signing his life as he knew it right down the tube. He and Laura had been apart for over two years, but he had always hoped for reconciliation. But she would have none of it; you go your way and I'll go mine, she continually stated.

    "Thank God we didn't have any kids," he thought. We had been married for six years but both of us had careers we didn't want disturbed by the patter of little feet. We were both too selfish for such responsibility, too ambitious and for that matter, too busy to really care for each other. Just why did we actually get married? "Good question," he thought again?

    He grabbed hold of his jacket to put it in the closet, and remembered the little packet in the pocket; his lawyer had passed it on to him at his office, along with all the paperwork involved in dissolving the marriage. Dissolving a life that had meant to be for better or worse. Yeah right!

    He took the little packet from his jacket pocket, and opened it. A flash of gold flickered in the sunlight from the window - a little band of gold, a twin for the one that was still on his ring finger. He took his wedding band off and layed it on the table with the one his former wife had worn for six years. Now two flashes of gold flickered in the sunlight!

    He went to the liquor cabinet, grabbed a glass and poured some amber liquid from the bottle he opened. He drank it straight down, shook a little and poured another.

    He walked carrying his drink to his favourite lounge chair he used to sit in and watch television with Laura; that is when she was home and not occupied with her real estate business, out showing potential customers their dream home. And he his journalistic deadlines.

    He grabbed a remote from the table and switched on the television. The news was on, some accident, some dead bodies, somebody else's misery.

    He gently lifted the bands of gold, looked at them and considered what they now represented, "Hope, expectation, expression of love, and a relationship gone sour."

    Laura was a strikingly beautiful woman, dark haired , slim and rather tall. She went well with her prince charming, also dark haired and standing over six feet, a former athlete and football player. Born to be together for ever, friends said at our wedding. A match made in heaven!

    And it seemed like heaven for the first couple of years, but the stress of two incompatible lifestyles eroded the relationship and marriage until it became impossible to be in the same room together for very long. And the indiscretions resulted in a seperation, legal niceties, and two years later a document that freed both parties from responsibilities to each other
    He put the two little bands of gold back on the table, and another two flashes of gold flickered in the sunlight.

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