poppy:no:His name was Michael Clark. He was 88 years old and died alone in his Wellington City council flat before November 2010, when he was last seen. So the claims made today in Wellington about a 14 month absence have been disproved. But it hardly matters, does it? He had no known family or friends; he had probably out-lived many of the latter.

His rent and power was automatically deducted from his pension. He kept to himself and his absence wasn't noticed by his neighbours in the other flats. A council contractor had been unsuccessful in contacting Mr Clark about the future proposed demolition of the flats, and had informed the council.

The police were called and his body was found in his flat. A distinctive smell was present when the door was opened.

It has been claimed that another tenant had been found dead in the same flats last year, but this hasn't been proven yet.


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