A proposal to re-enter Pike River mine on New Zealand's West Coast by Christmas - real or imaginery in election year?
The statutory manager of the Pike River Coal mine says he expects a team will be able to re-enter the mine by the end of this year.

Steven Ellis is giving evidence to the Royal Commission being held in Greymouth into the deaths of 29 men killed in a series of explosions at the mine which began on 19 November last year.

Mr Ellis said he has put forward a proposal to place a remote seal at the top of the drift to re-ventilate it and allow work in the drift in a ventilator.

He says the plan has the approval of the receivers and the Department of Labour, and he is about to start the risk assessment process.

The PM John Key promised the people of Greymouth and New Zealand they will get the bodies out of the mine - money was no object, he said earlier in the year. He has not shown much interest in recent times.

Evidence given at the Royal commission suggests the mine had dangerous features to it and may well have not been opened if there had been mine inspectors in New Zealand to the quality and ability of those in Queensland. Evidence continues.


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