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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Potting mix a legionaires disease risk...

Potting mix a legionaires disease risk...

A new health warning concerning the risk of potting mix and legionaires disease:

'Potting mix risk for gardeners on both sides of the Tasman this summer:

Christchurch Medical Officer of Health warning gardeners to take care as four fall ill from Legionnaires Disease linked to potting mix

Health authorities in Christchurch say the latest outbreak of Legionnaires Disease differs from the outbreak in 2005.

Two different strains of Legionnaires Disease have caused the death of a Christchurch man and four others have fallen ill.

Medical Officer of Health Ramon Pink says since September four people have fallen ill after inhaling the bacteria from potting mix. He says the man who died from Legionnaires Disease contracted it from a cooling tower while overseas.

Dr Pink says the last time the city had a problem with the disease in 2005, it was linked to contracting legionnella from cooling towers. Three people died and 18 were sick.

However, he is warning gardeners to be careful as they open bags of potting mix and to use gloves.'

A risk for green fingered folk on both sides of the Tasman!

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