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Sunday, January 15, 2012

GBE2: Blog on: My blogging history...

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B)GBE2 Blog on: My blogging history...
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Just a slightly different stance on history - my blogging, my history during the last five or six years or so - my blogging history!

  • I fell into blogging when looking at writing sites on the internet. I decided that maybe these weblogs or blogs could be an interesting pastime. Now one of the first of my blogsites was the once popular WritingUp. It had great topics, great threads of discussion and comments. I caused a bit of an uproar on this site when I suggested that radical Islamists were actually Satanists. Why not? They couldn't possibly be mainstream Islam and Muslims could they, not if Islam is a peaceful religion? A thousand comments there on that thread alone! I was accused of hatespeech by a very silly woman there.
    During this period Google Adsense advertising was also the way to go to make some money on your blogs - you could make hundreds of dollars, thousands even? Yeah right! But to even start earning you really needed a number of blogs going to get the traffic. I ended up with a number of blogs that I didn't really want in the first place. Some great sites came and went, Blogfeast, Blogcharm and WritingUp crashed. All for different reasons. Then Google suspended my account - I had earned about US$45.00 by that stage; no reason was given - I can only imagine I must have inadvertently clicked on one of my own adverts. I sent a number of messages to Google in the US but they never replied.
    I have had a number of Blogger blogs going for a number of years and have a blog at blog.co uk, as well as a few groups I post and comment on there.
    Community blogging has been ruined by the many sploggers and spammers who comment on your posts and start up their own blogs which just promote links to money making and at times unsavoury sites on the internet. Blogevolve.com and Blogger Party were two very good blogging sites to be affected. The Admin on Blogger Party eventually took some affirmative action, but most of the good bloggers had given up and gone elsewhere. Blogevolve.com is just the same it was a couple of years ago - its Admin disappeared years ago. Things just run on auto and have no human input. I think there are a great many in this category - just running on auto!
    But now of course I can promote my blogs on my Facebook page and get some comment there. I use Twitter, but this site in my opinion is better used on a Smartphone. We now have a number of blogging groups on Facebook which can be used to promote your blogs as well.
    I use my blogs to promote my writing and some linked websites which have stories that appeal to me and enable me to reproduce them on my blogs. Not a problem as long as you acknowledge the source and where they came from and what their URL links are.
    So my blogging history is reasonably brief as is the history of blogging which commenced around 1999. The software on blogs is always evolving and can make your sites appealing and interesting.
    I also value my blogging friends from a number of countries. Some I feel I know well, even if we are thousands of miles apart.
  • http://anzacbloggersunite.blog.co.uk
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