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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Just thinking out loud today - things may well be different by next Christmas 2012...

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    So many of my posts here are introduced from my other blogsites, or from various websites around the internet.
    But today you will get my thoughts directely transposed onto these blog pages. Is it because I have so much time; some might suggest too much time on my hands, but whatever I'm in a position to think about things. Two or three decisions have been made lately in a number of countries which are not directly connected in themselves, but are very similar in thought and proposed act.
    I recently posted about New Zealand's intended, not proposed Food Bill. It has been sitting at a select committee for a year. With NZ not having an Upper House or Senate, all bills are sent through a select committee for consideration. This bill has been just sitting there, and the Opposition Labour Party didn't think it was appropriate or necessary to discuss it during our recent parliamentary elections. I suspect labour didn't want any such ammunition in an election it didn't want to win. These are comments I have already made.
    Just a couple or so hours ago I learned of a proposed Bill to go before the US Congress: Allowing corporations or the US Government to control what is published on the World Wide Web - WWW, or the internet.
    New Zealand passed legislation last year making it illegal to load down pirated music and videos. But it will take three complaints to be made to your ISP or account before action will be taken. Your internet account could be suspended or cancelled and your could be fined hundreds of dollars. But you could go to another internet provider and start up another account.
    In Fiji the dictatorial Commodore Frank Baimimarama who seized power at the point of a gun a few years ago, has actually increased his dictatorial powers to the ultimate power, the ultimate dictatorship - suspending the power of the Fijian High Court, or whatever name it has there. Bainimarama wants to eradicate corruption in high places before returning the right to vote. Yeah right!
    Right across Europe countries are in almost economic ruin. Billions of Euros are owed to the banks. The European Union has loaned member states billions of Euros itself. Europe is in danger of catastrophic financial disaster. The USA in in financial strife itself owing the Chinese billions of dollars, or is that trillions? Is there another way around all this?
    This year is 2012,the year of predictions of disaster as predicted in the Bible, by Nostradamus and the Mayans. Is it a disaster emanating from deep space, UFO's and little green men? No, it may well be closer to home!
    The Mayans predicted a change of times rather than actual physical events. And they may yet be proven closer to the mark.
    Are we actually in danger from the implementation of a new political and finacial order - One World Government - New World Order. Debts would be abolished, as would political power and the rights of a a citizen journalist like myself, and hundred of thousands of other bloggers worldwide.
    This post is a complete generalisation of course - its all about intense thought, letting your grey matter go in all directions and see just how its reorganised.So one + one = three? Hey it might by the end of the year brother and sister!
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Gem said...

On a slightly related note, here's an interesting Chinese proverb: "It's better to be a dog in a peaceful time than be a man in a chaotic period"

Keep the posts coming! :-)

Kiwi Riverman's Blogesphere said...

Thanks for your comments. Keep visiting here!