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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Cornish nationalism is calling for more autonomy within the UK...

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    Cornish nationalists advocate either greater autonomy within England; a split to become the United Kingdom's fifth home nation; or status as a Crown Dependency equivalent to the Isle of Man.

  • Cornwall is considered a Celtic semi-autonomous part of the United Kingdom.

  • Cornish nationalism is an umbrella term that refers to a cultural, political and social movement based in Cornwall, the most southwestern part of the island of Great Britain, which has for centuries been administered as part of England, within the United Kingdom. It is usually based on three general arguments:

  • That Cornwall has a Celtic cultural identity separate from that of England, and that the Cornish people have a national, civic or ethnic identity separate from that of English people;
    that Cornwall should be granted a degree of devolution or autonomy, usually in the form of a Cornish regional assembly. It has its own flag.

       Cornwall is legally a territorial and constitutional Duchy with the right to veto Westminster legislation, not merely a county of England, and has never been formally incorporated into England via an Act of Union.

  • I know a little about the area: My mother lived on St Marys in the Scilly Isles in the 1950-60's. She remarried, after earlier divorcing my father, to a Cornishman who was the head chef on the liner Port Victor. She had two sons to him, both redheads - typical Cornishmen and Celtics. My stepfather retired and moved his family to Christchurch, NZ.


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