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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Grave robbing is a crime...

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English: The Watch House, Old Pentland Kirkyar...
English: The Watch House, Old Pentland Kirkyard Where watch was kept to prevent grave robbing by the ‘anatomists’ – see 968090 for a bit more information. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
A few months before his sixtieth birthday, George began planning his party. He called up his 30-year-old daughter for some help.
“Why don’t you invite all your old high school buddies?” she asked. “That could be a lot of fun.”
“I’d like to bring all my high school buddies to the party,” said George, “but I don’t want to get arrested.”
His daughter laughed. “Why would you get arrested for bringing your high school buddies to your birthday party?”
“Don’t you know?” asked George. “Grave robbing is a crime.”

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