Some Kiwi workers are still valued by their employers...
Mainfreight chairman Bruce Plested has given more than $4 million of his own money to his staff.
He wanted to celebrate his seventieth birthday by saying thank you to the people he says have given so much to him. One thousand dollars has been given to everyone who has been with Mainfreight for a year or more, in New Zealand or overseas.
The founder of the company says he has never felt fitter or happier.
“A week before, I called up my lawyer and said "I still want to do this even if I don't make it to my seventieth’,” says Mr Plested. “Some people have really needed the money.”
“I talked to the manager from Europe this morning and I said ‘is that amount of money when it is converted into euros still useful?’ and he said ‘oh hell yes, if you want an example you can buy a washing machine with it’.
“I just wanted it to be a worthwhile amount; I thought about $100 and I thought about $500 and I thought it'll just disappear.
“If it's a thousand I understand what that means in New Zealand dollars and it is a useful amount of dough.”
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