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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Where's the justice here...

Berryman bridge case struck out of court. Where's the justice here?

The High Court has struck out a claim for damages in the Berryman's bridge case.

The army-built bridge leading to Keith and Margaret Berryman's King Country farm collapsed in 1994, killing beekeeper Ken Richards.

The Berrymans wanted to sue the army, claiming it acted maliciously in wake of the bridge collapse by withholding information from a coroner's inquest.

The Court of Appeal allowed the claim to go ahead in 2008 but the High Court issued a ruling on Thursday saying it must be struck out.

Justice MacKenzie says the proceeding, which was filed in 2006, did not commence within six years of the cause of the alleged misfeasance.

He says there is no public interest in allowing the matters to be further litigated and it is not in the Berrymans' interests to allow them to continue with a claim that is bound to fail.

Acknowledgements: Radio New Zealand 2009

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