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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Best Job Ben seeks mates in Queensland...

Best Job Ben seeks mates in Queensland...

He's got it all — beautiful house with spa tub, free ticket to any holiday experience on Queensland's Great Barrier Reef, worldwide fame — but it seems Island Caretaker Ben Southall, aka "The Best Job in the World Guy" is still lacking in one thing — some mates.

With his hectic schedule, Ben told doesn't get as much time to socialise as he'd like. Could this be why his employer, Tourism Queensland, is advertising for four "Island Caretaker Helpers"?

Queensland Premier Anna Bligh announced the new campaign, saying: 'Six months isn't enough time to sample everything, so we're looking for some mates who can share in the experience with Ben so they can write about it, too."

The four lucky folks who win will have their own Barrier Reef adventures, all expenses paid, then report back via guest spots on Ben's blog.

But forget any notions of swinging gently in hammocks and sunning yourself on the beach. Since Ben spends every waking minute doing something — running, swimming, meeting and greeting, snorkelling, sailing, dining, blogging, diving, travelling, blogging again — whoever gets the coveted (and non-paying) jobs will have to have unlimited reserves of energy. But the good news is, he's such a thoroughly nice bloke that being his mate will certainly be no onerous task.

Ben's promising to kick off the selection process on the 26th of August, and his blog has already been inundated with nearly 300 requests for the role. You can find out how to enter shortly at www.islandreefjob.com.au.

Acknowledgements: MSN NZ

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