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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Malaysian model to receive the rattan cane for drinking beer in a bar...

A Malaysian model will receive six strokes of the rattan cane for drinking beer in a bar, after admitting her guilt to an Islamic Court.

Pretty harsh treatment for what we would regard as a right here in the West. She has decided not to appeal the sentence and will become the first woman to face corporal punishment imposed by a Malaysian Sharia Court.

This sentence has caused controversy in a country that claims moderation to foreign tourists and businesses but imposes very harsh Islamic justice on its own Muslim population.

Alcohol can be served to members of other religions at the country's many tourist hotels and bars, but for Muslims, who make up two thirds of the population of the country, consumption is punishable by a fine, three years in prison or six strokes of the cane.

It appears that this is the most harshest sentence meted out so far in Malaysia - it will be the first time that caning has been carried out on men or women. It has outraged many women in Malaysia, but the model concerned has said she will accept her punishment, which includes a fine of 5000 ringgit(NZ$2000) as well.

I can only hope she enjoyed her beer, because it proved extremely costly!

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