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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kiwis getting concerned at new internet laws...

A number of New Zealanders are becoming concerned about the forthcoming Copyright Amendment Act, which allows internet service providers in New Zealand the right to arbitarily cut off users who may only be 'accused' of making an illegal download from the internet.

Around 200 protesters have congregated outside Parliament voicing their opposition to new copyright laws. A 10,000 signature will also be presented to Parliament.

Creative Freedom Foundation spokeswoman Bronwyn Holloway-Smith says the law is pretty vague and could have serious implications for all computer users.

"There's nothing in the law that addresses a situation where there are shared users on a single connection. There's nothing that addresses the fact that one in four computers are infected with viruses that could be downloading and on sending copyright infringing material - without the owner knowing about it."

Bronwyn Holloway-Smith is taking heart at indications the Government may address the problems, but maintains the law must be repealed.

Telecommunications Users Association chief executive Ernie Newman says it is a bad piece of law, trying to protect one group by taking away the rights of another. "The act is inherently unbalanced. It assumes guilt. It gives the party concerned very little or no opportunity to deny that."

Mr Newman says what is frightening is the lack of understanding among businesses about the obligations they will face next week if it comes into effect.

There have not been any suggestion that the law may be amended at this stage.

This new Act would give internet service providers similar powers to Google Adsense who disable internet users accounts without any explanation at all.

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LATE NEWS: This law is to be reviewed by the NZ Government. Protest action has been successful. I will write and review the situation as it comes to hand.


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charles-davis said...

@Kiwi Riverman: Mr. Newman is right, it assumes guilt. I hope you can resist this legislation. We had a revolution over just this sort of thing. Do guys (mugs?) know Glenn Beck? He wouldn't like this at all. Glenn is an entertainer that comments on the news. He will tell you he started out as a disc jockey.

Kiwi Riverman - The Writer said...

Me thinks this government wants this bill passed for some unknown reason?