Odysseus travels across the nuclear seas
In lost ravings. Where are you dear stranger?
I lost you to a computer.now I weave my web
To tempt you home.Eastern zones where people scream
In silence are not the place for your journey.
Oh, timeless zone of wanderers,send him back.
I love this grey eyed stranger,this star angel
From above. He shone like a crackling nuclear reactor
As we walked along the edge of the world,
Where the seven seas roar endlessly.
Are you Hamlet’s ghost?
Could Shakespeare write your tragic story?
We have no stature now,leaning into the laptops
Talking into the air,like people trapped in hidden ellipses.
We stare out,unseeing. We listen but hear nothing.
Where are you ,my stranger.The sea boils in anguish.
I await you,the unseen,the unknown.