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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Poor forgotten old mother...

Thérèse Casgrain, third from the left; her dau...
Thérèse Casgrain, third from the left; her daughters, Renée and Hélène; her mother, Lady Forget; and Mrs. Laviolette / Thérèse Casgrain, 3e à partir de la gauche, ses filles, Renée et Hélène, sa mère, Lady Forget, et Mme Laviolette (Photo credit: BiblioArchives / LibraryArchives)

The Forgotten Mother
© Ruby Latimer Edwards
A gray old woman sits all alone
Unloved, uncherished and unknown.
Sitting beside her broken door.
Dreaming of days past long ago,
When children played about her knee
Filling the air with childish glee,
Tended by her with loving care.
Knowing the blessing of a Mother's prayer.
But now they have gone, each to his life
A girl to her husband, a boy to his wife,
Forgetful are they of her who sits here
Silently wiping a tricking tear,
For striving for things in a life so brief
Blind their poor eyes to a dear Mother's grief.
But does she upbraid them in word or in mind.
Nor does their neglect to her seem unkind.
She'll forgive and forget all unkindness they've shown
This poor old mother who sits alone.
From the website, http://familyfriendpoems.com
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