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Friday, January 18, 2013

Man quotes bible in answering drugs charges...

New Zealand - New Zealand Police (dark blue, w...
New Zealand - New Zealand Police (dark blue, woven) (Photo credit: conner395)
A man is defending charges of cultivating 348 cannabis plants on the grounds that he does not recognise New Zealand law and the only law is God's law.
Shane Taoho, 44, of Ruatahuna, told a jury in the Rotorua District Court he was a sovereign being and tangata whenua and the Bible's book of Genesis said a person could grow seeds and plants.
Taoho is charged with cultivating cannabis in 2009 and 2010 and selling cannabis in 2009, The Daily Post reported.
The court entered pleas of not guilty after Taoho told Judge Phillip Cooper he did not recognise his jurisdiction.
For the Crown, Rotorua Crown prosecutor Laura Owen told the jury that whatever they thought they had to follow the law of New Zealand which said growing and selling cannabis was illegal.
Taoho, representing himself, said in his opening statement that New Zealand jurisdiction had been forced on him.
"I am jurisdiction ...
"I don't answer to New Zealand laws. That law was forced [on me] by intimidation, cohesion and even violence.
"I don't like this law."
Judge Cooper said New Zealand law applied to everyone including tangata whenua.
Acknowledgements:  - NZPA
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