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Friday, January 4, 2013

Fellow passengers deal to drunken lout....

English: A pair of Douglas DC-8 of Icelandair ...
English: A pair of Douglas DC-8 of Icelandair at Findel International Airport (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
A drunken passenger reportedly spent an almost six-hour flight bound and gagged after his behaviour forced his fellow passengers to tape him to his seat.
One of those passengers was Andy Ellwood, who posted a photo of the man taped up on Tumblr.
Ellwood offered a brief caption to the photo, saying the incident happened on a flight from Iceland to New York on Thursday.
The man reportedly drank his entire quota of duty free liquor in the first hour of the flight, and then tried to strangle another passenger before screaming the plane was going down.
"When he became unruly, (i.e. trying to choke the woman next to him and screaming the plane was going to crash), fellow passengers subdued him and tie him up for the rest of the flight," Ellwood said.
"He was escorted off the flight by police when it landed."
According to the Daily Mail, the man also spat on several passengers during his meltdown which happened just a few hours into the flight.
IcelandAir confirmed to reporters the man was acting dangerously but would not comment on the picture.
It is not known whether the man had any mental health issues but the Mail said a Port Authority spokesman confirmed the passenger was taken to hospital
Authorities had also decided not to charge him.


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