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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Lady Gaga is a 200 pound toddler - manager...

  • Lady Gaga is a '200-pound toddler' - manager
    "Lady Gaga is a 200-pound toddler" - manager...

The eccentric popstar's manager Troy Carter was asked at the Music Matters conference in Singapore if he believes his client has made it in music yet and bluntly replied "no" before calling her a "200-pound toddler".
He said: "As big as she has become, globally, she is still a developing act. So we have to treat her as a developing act. She has to spend time in a market. We look at it as an investment
"She's a 200-pound toddler. The truth is, and it's the reason why when we come to Singapore, we are going to be in Singapore for little over a week. It was important not to come into a market and play really quick and leave and go to another market. It's about diving deep with the fanbase and spending time in the local territories.
"I don't feel as if she's made it yet. You ask me this in 25 years and it might be a different answer. We've got a long way to go. She's on the edge as well."
Troy also revealed if the record label had their way Gaga would release more albums but he wants her to build her brand and focus on touring extensively with each album, even visiting regions such as India where they won't make any money.

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