U-(The Hadlee Stand is set to be demolished at AMI Stadium...
"The Hadlee Stand is going to be bowled over, but the future of the rest of AMI Stadium remains up in the air.
However, it should be decided by the end of March.
The Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority has issued the city council with a Section 38 demolition notice, and the council has put the tendering and demolition process in CERA's hands.
While this stand is going, at present there were no plans to demolish the stadium, said the council's acting community services manager, John Filsell.
"The council is still working through engineering options, and recommendations will be presented to the council for a decision," he said.
However, there was no time frame for when this would occur, he said.
The Hadlee Stand, which opened in 1995, received significant damage in February, he said. The council was issued a Section 38 notice on December 21.
Both cricket and rugby are waiting to learn what will happen to the stadium - the headquarters for their sports for more than a century."
Kiwipete says: AMI Stadium is actually within the historical Lancaster Park home to provincial and international cricket and rugby for over a century. The Hadlee Stand is named after cricketing knights Sir Walter Hadlee, captain of the 1949 cricket team, and his legendary fast bowling son, Sir Richard Hadlee, who was first to reach 400 test wickets. The future of the stadium is unknown at this stage.
Yours truly competed at Lancaster Park in 1958 not at rugby or cricket, but in the Christchurch inter-secondary schools athletic sports meeting. Our school, Shirley Boys High School finished third in the 4 X 100 yard relay, my only event at the sports meeting. That is my personal memory of Lancaster Park, now known as AMI Stadium. I would be deeply saddened if the stadium is totally demolished and closed.