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Sunday, February 12, 2012

GBE2: Blog on. Upset and angry...

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I've been upset and angry about a number of things this week. So much so I missed the deadline here; this comes through in overtime.

As a consequence I couldn't settle on any particular subject until now. But one of your Republican candidates, Mitt Romney,  who has spent close to ten million dollars just to earn the right to challenge your sitting  President Barack Obama for the presidency later in the year, really got up my proverbial nose considering the poor and disadvantaged in both the United States and New Zealand. Ten million is a despicable waste of good resources better spent  in other areas.

This has nothing to do with the philosophy and politics of the eventual presidential candidates and the money that will be spent during the actual campaign.

Other things that upset me during the week was when I watched a television movie, "In Front of the Class" a true depiction of a young disabled American man with tourettes syndrome whose goal in life was to become a teacher.

He eventually achieved this despite the prejudices and handicaps put in his way by society and individuals.

During the week my own medical issues also got up my proverbial nose: My ongoing problems with an injured heel caused by long term  walking on concrete footpaths (sidewalks in the US); the loss of my big toenail on my left foot; and a bad cut on the base of my thumb opening a can of baby beetroot, caused by my own carelessness upset me. That really was an understatement. Yes, it was pretty dumb of me too.  But as they say, such is life!
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