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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Lady Gaga credits her good skin to orgasms and spinach...

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Lady Gaga credits her good skin to "orgasms and spinach".

The 25-year-old singer - who is dating 'Vampire Diaries' actor Taylor Kinney - claims having good sex and eating healthily improves her complexion.

Asked for her skincare secrets, she said: "Orgasms, lots of orgasms. Orgasms and spinach. No, what I really mean is hard work and sweat."

The 'Marry the Night' hitmaker also admitted she is still "searching" for love and haand worst relationships she has had.

She told the new issue of Britain's Elle magazine: "I don't know what the greatest love affair I've had is, I'm still searching.

"I don't know which has been the best or worst or in-between. I just know that I don't ever want it to be over. I love the search and ambition of love. The fantasy of life is so beautiful."

While Gaga is unsure about her love life, she admits some of the relationships she had in her teens were "abusive".

She said: "I had abusive relationships; I dated men much older than me – I was 15, they were 30 – which I don't recommend. I was never brave enough to be the person I am today."

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