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B)Christmas is coming and I'm looking forward to the family coming home for Christmas dinner. The grown-up children and grandkids from 3 years to 22 years. All that cooking, but not all here at home this time. Sharing it around this year.
Thinking of two of my elder grandchildren. Pride, my 16 year old grandson, the professional rugby league recruit with the Melbourne Storm NRL club in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. First Christmas away from home. Danielle my eldest granddaughter, 18 years old and also first time away from home at Christmas. We'll see Pride at the end of January when he comes back to New Zealand on leave. Danielle will be back in a week.
Oh dear Jesus, two days before Christmas and more earthquakes in Christchurch. Two in 80 minutes over 5.8 and 26 aftershocks in twenty four hours. No serious injuries luckily - but the mess in the eastern suburbs - the liquefaction that oozes out of the ground like stinking mud if its mixed with sewerage. It dries out to silt and sand - and has to be shovelled into wheelbarrows and dumped on the side of the road for contractors to collect. But look at all those volunteers of all ages helping out again? The fourth time. Now this is Christian charity of effort - helping out your neighbors and other people you may not even know.
Now this is Christmas! My family are coming, my family are coming! Christmas is real again, not just some commercial enterprise. Long live the people of Christchurch my home town. My people, my family too! Merry Christmas everybody!!