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Sunday, January 31, 2010

How to master the perfect suntan that reminds you of Miami, or Sydney...

We don't have photos here at 'Hutts Blogesphere', so just imagine that young beauty and her handsome young muscular friend...

You don't have to hit the sands of Miami to show off a perfect faux tan. Here's how to master a healthy, sun-kissed glow.

A safe tan is a fake tan, so here are the secrets to smooth, even toned, tanned skin — straight from a bottle.

The endless summer tan
A light formula allows for less stuff-ups and streaks, so we're lucky there's a load of gradual tanners on the market this year. To prevent the inevitable tan fade, it's advisable to use a gradual tan moisturiser straight away. This keeps it topped up and flawless for longer.

It's all about the face
Let's be honest, it's that sun-kissed, glowing face that makes everyone look so super hot after a spray. And there's no reason you can't look like that everyday if you use a self tanner for the face.

It might seem like a pain to add another step to your skincare regime but it beats looking pasty or ashen.

We recommend the new Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Natural Bronze Tanning Moisturiser for face, $9.95, because it contains cocoa butter, vitamin E, and a soy skin tightening ingredient, to keep skin firm. It also has SPF 15, so it'll give your skin an all-over natural bronzed glow while protecting it from the harsh UV rays.

The perfect prep
Applying fake tan yourself can be a chore, but the right preparation is vital for a long-lasting, even glow. You really must smooth away loose, surface skin cells fake tan tends to stick to.

Try massaging a face cloth doused with body wash over your entire body to create a smooth surface. It's also important to always rub body moisturiser into knees, elbows and around the edges of your feet to prevent ugly tell-tale tanning spots.

Plus, wear loose, dark clothing to bed afterwards and ensure you moisturise all over the next day — long showers and dry skin equal a fast fade so be sure to avoid them.

Prep must-haves: SunSense Pre-Tan Moisture, $9.50; SunSense Pre-Tan Scrub, $9.50; Aviva Organics Conditioning Body Polish, $48; The Body Collection Fabulous Fake Pre Tan Body Scrub, $12.95

Make-up or make down?
"Less is more" is so true when it comes to make-up on a tan. Not many touch-ups are required when your skin colour is already an even, caramel tone from hairline to toes.

The day after a spray tan, you may dab the thinnest veil of concealer around your nose to cover any redness, a touch under the eyes if you've had a late night, followed by a light dusting of mineral makeup down the centre of your face to deal with unwanted shine. Define the eyes with a coat of mascara and finish with a slick of nude gloss.

Acknowledgements: Cleo Staff

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