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Friday, January 22, 2010

Doomed Aussie camels thrown an unexpected lifeline...

Doomed camels due to be culled and killed thrown an unexpected lifeline...

Thousands of wild camels due to be culled in the Northern Territory of Australia have been thrown a life-line from an unexpected quarter.

Saudi Arabian camel enthusiasts have mounted an internet campaign calling on their more wealthier countrymen to bring the Australian camels back to the desert lands of their ancestors.

The Aussies had planned to kill 6,000 camels in the Northern Territory town of Dockwer River next week using helicopter based marksmen.

The recue campaign was greeted with enthusiasm in Saudi Arabia and many camel owners have agreed to take the camels back to the kingdom. Camels are icons in the kingdom's heritage and history. But these ones will carry the made in Australia trademark, something the Chinese haven't got hold of as yet!

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