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Friday, June 5, 2009

David Bain found not guilty of murdering his family...

David Bain found not guilty of murdering his family...

David Bain was found not guilty beyond the shadow of doubt. It was as I said, the defence would be trying to create doubt, and they did.

The most expensive court case in the history of NZ law has finally ended. It probably cost ten million New Zealand dollars for this re-trial alone. Add the original trial, two appeals and the application to the Privy Council in London, and you would have millions more.

David Bain had his day in court and a jury of twelve of his peers have found him not guilty. But having said that it was not proven that his father was responsible for the murder of his family either.

Who killed the Bain family in Dunedin, NZ, in 1994?

Personally, I have not changed my opinion of the evidence and guilt after reading two books, one by a notable Kiwi academic, written a few years after the murders and the original trial. There are still may people who believe Alan Arthur Thomas was still guilty of murdering the Crewes, despite being pardoned and paid a million dollars in compensation. We still have free speech and are entitled to an opinion.

The next step for the Bain camp will be an application to the NZ Government for compensation: This is a very different kettle of fish. David Bain will have to prove to the Executive that he is actually INNOCENT! A shadow of doubt does not come into it. If he was successful he could get $100,000 for every year he spent in prison - close to $1.3 million.

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