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Saturday, June 13, 2009

New Zealand today in triplicate...

New Zealand today:

David Shearer wins the Mount Albert by-election, Helen Clark's old seat,by what were landslide-like figures. A future leader in the making, perhaps. John Key seemed indifferent to the by-election; the National candidate, Melissa Lee a distant second. Shearer won by 3-1. The teflon is fading from Key's persona.

So David Bain was found not guilty in his retrial for the murder of his family - parents, two sisters and younger brother. The whole defence tactic was to create doubt, and more doubt! And so it came to pass. Is he innocent? Who killed his father, because there was no proof he committed suicide? Was O.J Simpson innocent? There will be doubt hanging over him for the rest of his life - unless double jeopardy is used. A precedent was set in the UK recently. A family fought for ten years to get new evidence against the person who was acquited of their daughter's murder. So double jeopardy was legally used to convict the man. NZ law closely follows that of Britain.

New Zealand may have had its first domestic swine flu infections. There could well be a flood of infections in coming weeks. While there is a world-wide pandemic now, it is, at this stage, a mild infection which can be treated with Tamiflu vaccine and three days isolation.

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