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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

So what do you think of those despicable Islamic honour killings -- they make me vomit...

What do you think of those despicable Islamic honour killings?

Jordanian officials stated a man beat his 19 year old daughter to death with his son's help, because she wore makeup outside the house and spoke to a strange man.

The father took his daughter to hospital and admitted his guilt - saying he had to cleanse the family honour. What honour would that excuse for a family have?

The more I read about such things concerning Islam, the more I want to vomit!This sort of behaviour has to be eternally condemned!

Some would excuse Islam from these animal acts, saying it was just part of the local culture, the way North Africans treat their women and female relatives - but do you ever read about criticism of such acts by Islamic leaders? No way, Jose!

There comes a time when consideration is given to the human aspects of any culture, and Islam is no different or has no reason to be different, apart from the fact it is a dated and in many respects is considered irrelevant by many around the world. Then it is up to the leaders and spokepeople of the religion to defend it.

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