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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Restorimg the old imperial honours list In New Zealand...

Restoring the old imperial honours list in New Zealand is a nostalgic throwback to another time in our history. The previous left of centre Labour- led Government headed by Helen Clark did away with titles eight years ago.

Now the new John Key led conservative rightwing National Party Government has decided to restore them and give 85 people who have received indigenous New Zealand honours during the last eight years the opportunity to receive them retrospectively. It will be their choice and will happen during this year's Queens Birthday awards in early June,2009.

New Zealand had further opportunity to carve out its own future and destiny by scrapping the knighthoods. Sir and Dame? Yeah right!

It was the British who left us, not the other way around. Why would a nation who will have to reconsider its constitutional future when the present Queen Elizabeth the Second dies, with the actual possibility of becoming a republic, want to retain the trappings of imperial Britain?

Nostalgia for the past, and an immature refusal to consider the possible implications of a future without the monarchy, are a real concern.

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