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Friday, December 21, 2012

RAN subpoened by Chevron - A goliath and david scenario?

Chevron Corporation
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Rainforest Action Network
Please donate today and help me send the message that Big Oil cannot bully us

Last week, we at RAN got a big indication that we're doing something right. We were subpoenaed by Chevron.
Even though the Chevron subpoena was delivered to me at the RAN offices, I am not intimidated. I have devoted my life to protecting our environment, our climate and our communities from bullies like Chevron. And I can honestly say I have never been more proud. When a giant corporation like Chevron subpoenas you, you know your impact is being felt.

Will you donate today to make sure RAN continues to effectively stand up to dirty energy bullies? I need to know you're with me. RAN needs to know.

Instead of paying the huge amount that a court ruled Chevron owed the Indigenous peoples and government of Ecuador for polluting the pristine Amazon rainforest, the oil giant has launched a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the lawyers and others who fought for this hard-earned victory. As part of that suit, Chevron, worth over $200 billion, is involving non-profits like RAN and you, our members.

For a small organization like RAN to get this much attention from a behemoth like Chevron shows just how effective we can be with the resources we have. And the most powerful resource is you. I am not afraid of this subpoena because I know that you are by my side. I know that this is a network that represents something far more powerful than big oil and big money. And when Chevron comes after us, it’s coming after all of us.
Will you donate today to help RAN redouble its efforts in 2013 to stand up to extreme energy giants?

Unless we stand together, decisions made today by corporate polluters like Chevron will lock us into decades more of dirty energy.

Even after a year of extreme weather events like Hurricane Sandy and nationwide droughts, these corporate polluters will continue to sacrifice our air, our water, and our climate for their profits—unless we stand together and commit everything we have to stopping them.

I've dedicated my life to this work and I know that you have too. You know RAN needs you now more than ever. Please donate today.

I will not be intimidated by Chevron's tactic and neither will anyone else at RAN. Because what we are fighting to protect is far too important. You know this is about more than Chevron. This is about our free speech. This is about the power we have when we come together. This is about building a clean energy revolution that will make fossil fuels like oil and coal a thing of the past.
For the forests,
Becky Tarbotton
Executive Director
P.S. With you by my side I know we can stand up to big oil and king coal, please donate generously today.

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