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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lance Armstrong's lack of defence of drug charges regarded as an admission

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    Lance Armstrong's decision not to contest drug charge claims is regarded as an admission that the claims "had substance", the World Anti-doping Agency president John Fahey has said.
    Mr Fahey also said the US Anti-doping Agency had acted properly in stripping Lance Armstrong of his seven Tour de France titles.
    The move had come after Armstrong declined to enter the agency's arbitration process, and the Texan will be banned for life. He could also be stripped of his 2000 Sydney Olympic time trial bronze.
    Mr Armstrong had the right to contest the charges, but he chose not to.The simple fact is that his refusal to examine the evidence means the charges have substance in them. Under the rules, penalties can, and most likely will be imposed.
    Like a champion boxer he has failed to come out of his corner to answer the bell for the next round! Lance Armstrong would, under Wada's code, lose any cash earnings, awards and titles. He now has no credibility left. Any charity work he has undertaken, or will undertake, will not restore his reputation.
    He has been labelled a drug cheat, and has failed to defend his reputation as a champion sportsman in his code, and as an American citizen. The Wada-Agency will make an official decision and statement in due course.
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