uk2008Britain's own "Atlantis" has been located at the bottom of the North Sea - it was a huge undersea world finally swallowed by the sea 6500 years ago.
"Doggerland" was a huge stretch of land ranging from Scotland to Denmark. Prehistoric Britain was connected to mainland Europe. It was not an island like it is today. Great hairy mammoths and other large animals roamed freely there. It has been described as the real heartland of old Europe, populated by tens of thousands of human beings. But the effects of natural climate change saw a general warming that melted the iceflows and led to rising sea levels. It was slowly submerged by water over a period of time from 18000- 5500 BC. As the land was revealed by the melting ice it would have been utilised by those early Europeans tens of thousands of years ago.
In recent times a team of climatologists, archaeologists and geophysicists have mapped the underwater area using new data from oil and gas companies drilling in the North Sea. Their divers have revealed the full extent of that lost land once roamed by mammoths - the submerged "Doggerland" was once larger than many of the modern European countries. Old Britannia settled and named by the Romans has a history of tens of thousands of years earlier than the invading legions of Julius Caesar. It also dwarfs the legendary Atlantis in comparison.