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Monday, October 10, 2011

The mask slipped and we saw the other side of John Key the PM of New Zealand...

John Key, New Zealand politicianImage via Wikipedia This blog is not normally a political blog, but with only weeks to the New Zealand general elections I think this issue should be reviewed on this blog.

The PM, John key, refuses to name the person he alleges claimed that Standard and Poors said it was more likely to downgrade New Zealand if Labour  won power at the coming elections.

Standard and Poors has publicly denied saying that. Phil Goff claims the statement was a breach of privilege. Because any privilege claim couldn't be made until after the elections, it is really immaterial. I think PM John Key knew that when he made the false claim!

All voters can really do is consider whether they have any future faith in a person who appears to have misled the country. Should the voting public vote for Pinnochio? If one happens to read this post, you get another side to John key. Some have said the mask came off and the real persona came through?

This will give readers from overseas a good look at the man who wants a second term as prime minister of New Zealand.




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