I recently posted about actor Johnny Depp's royal roots - he is a 20th cousin of Queen Elizabeth.

The lastest goss about JD is he has to the end of the year to do something about his HATS! :crazy:

He has been given an ultimatum to get rid of his damn HATS. The 47 year old Johnny Deppe has previously been voted "Hat person of the year". But Vanessa Paradis is totally furious with his obsessive and out of control collection. He has hundreds of them in their Paris apartment - two rooms are full of them, even their closet space.

She has threatened to dump them in the trash when he is away - poor Johnny is horrified at the prospect, but continues to buy more.

Come the end of the year he'll probably just move them out and store them in one of their many other homes.

View here: http://wn.com/johnny_depp_fools_around_with_his_hat

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