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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sploggers are the new nazis of the web...

Today's subject is something that has become a bone of contention for me, a blogger and a community blogger as well  -  splogger attacks.

Much of the splogging is mechanically achieved. They manage to  pour the material into your community blogsite forcing good, well written posts down the front page. Every blogger of whatever ability as a writer or reseacher, is undoubtably entitled to some time in the sun on the front page.

It would be fine if the community blogsite of which you are a member has an Administrator worth his or her salt who is prepared to instal programs to control spam, splog and porn.

Unfortunately many of these Admins don't control the unwanted material. My favourite community blogsite - Blogevolve.com -  is  literally flooded with splog, but the Admin is nowhere to be seen. The sploggers like the inmates, have taken over the institution.

What is to be done? Not a hell of a lot, I'm afraid.

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