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Friday, July 10, 2009

Not so green on the other side of the ditch, Kiwi...

Not so green on the other side of the ditch, Kiwi...

When times get tough like they have in recent time, many Aussies are starting to resent, just a little, their Kiwi cousins and mates. But after years of New Zealanders thinking the other side of the Tasman Sea was the greener side, reality is starting to bite hard for many, especially those who couldn't read the weather and realise the colour was changing. Those who sold up and came over during the last year or so. Not so green on the other side, Kiwi!

Sure, Kiwis were hard workers and all that bull: they were in OZ for a better life? Yeah, really? They were after better opportunities, incomes and standards of living for their families. And now things may be falling apart for many; the unexpected loss of jobs and no prospects for others.

But the colour of money is changing, and the natural born Aussie is probably starting to resent, just a little, his Kiwi cousin and mate. Suddenly the Kiwis who moved over to Australia in recent years are realising that the future is no longer guaranteed for them. The Aussie dollar is worth a lot more than the Kiwi and the standard of living so much higher; or so they said.

I always said of those who emigrated to Australia; if you lose your job and haven't been in Australia for the required two years to qualify for the Aussie dole, you will wish you were back home in NZ and close to your families. Always have a return plane fare to New Zealand sitting in the bank! Red is the colour of embarrassment my friends.

And like an old prophet or seer, I see the colour of green turning to a lousy shade of brown for many Kiwis in Australia.

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